Keynote Speaker

AlysonMitchell  Dr Alyson Mitchell





Dr. Mitchell is a Professor of Food Chemistry in the Department of Food Science. She is the Master Advisor for the Food Science major and is co-director of the Food Safety and Measurement Facility at UC Davis; a mass spectrometry-    based facility focused on advancing food and beverage authentication science.

Dr. Mitchell’s research centers on investigating chemical reactions and changes in composition that occur in fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains as a result of pre- and post- harvest processes and developing mass spectral approaches for identifying and quantifying target and nontarget secondary plant metabolites for authentication, safety and biological relevance. Her lab works to identify strategies and processing innovations for retaining and optimizing levels of beneficial compounds in finished food products, and for decreasing toxic constituents (e.g. acrylamide, advanced lipid oxidation products, etc.,) in finished foods. Crops emphasized in her research include almonds, olives and honey.

Dr. Mitchell enjoys mentoring undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate students from around the world, and is enthusiastic about developing partnerships with industry to support graduate student education. She is a Fellow of the Agricultural and Food Chemistry Division of the American Chemical Society.

Dr. Mitchell teaches several courses at UC Davis including: The Chemical and Physical Analysis of Foods, Food Toxicology, Principles of Food Science and Food Folklore and Health. 


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Sunday, November 5th

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Monday, November 6th

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 Tuesday, November 7th

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Wednesday, November 8th
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Thursday, November 9th 

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